The Women's Travel Group is an award winning tour operator for women. Phyllis Stoller, who founded The Women's Travel Club, is at our helm. She and the group have received many honors in women's travel, including Top in Women's Travel from and One of the Most Influential Women in Group Travel. The Women's Travel Group collaborates on some tours with SITA World Tours who contribute financial guarantees with their $1million bond, and excellent service. We are accredited by IATAN, with high industry standards We offer special discounts for singles as on S. Africa Safari Cruise Jan 4, 2016-limited singles. We help and hand hold with your first trip overseas solo: FLASH SALE UNTIL JUNE 30 $200 OFF PLUS ROOM SHARE GUARANTEE ON: Colors of India Nov 2015. Most importantly, we do not sell others' coed tours and are available by telephone and email daily. We also offer several weekends: one at Canyon Ranch Lenox MA - last minute? Call ASAP. Here are only a few of ways we are different: Awards: (Our strategic partners voted TOP TOUR OPERATOR TO INDIA FROM THE AMERICAS Colors of India $200 OFF UNTIL JUNE 30 November 11-22-see Facebook Page for 2014 India trip photos). We find the newest (Paris at Christmas Louis Vuitton Fondation Museum) In depth world capitals visits: Istanbul Week November 2015 Exotic: (Visit Omo River tribes in Ethiopia March 2016). Trends: (Mexico City Art and Aztecs Feb. 2016) Our Goals: To exceed your travel expectations with unique experiences alongside area highlights. To help you appreciate the nuances of a society and country. To fill each day with anticipation, and each evening with friendly conversation. To leave you with a new world perspective, shared with new travel friends. Our Mission: To give women insightful travel experiences, as well as new travel friends with whom to share the memories. We see countries as our mutual destinies not just vacation destinations.