Travel and Culture Club in Omaha group is a gathering of great people who want culture, food, fun, and travel; learning about other cultures, trying new things, meeting people, maybe even bringing together some different languages - whether you’re from Nebraska, or abroad, an exchange student, traveling through for business or pleasure, or any other avenue, this is your group! The mission of this group is to share stories, knowledge, and experiences and to create opportunities to share our love of our hometown with those who share our love of travel. We’re looking for people with varying travel opinions and tastes – bringing people together, whether you’re an independent traveler, destination/resort vacationer, scuba diver, backpacker, snow-bird, couchsurfer, cruise line enthusiast, RV folks, or even people who want to explore more of Omaha/Nebraska and its surrounding areas, or simply to see a new restaurant once a month. We are so much more than a travel group - you are invited to monthly travel meetups (first Sunday of every month, new venue each time) so we can all get to meet & know each other, explore different restaurants around Omaha, we will inform you of great travel deals & resources (domestic and international), fun local events, activities, networking, plus we’ll invite travel experts from different locations around the world! Currently booked are two experts who can give first-hand advice on over 40 different countries from around the world, as well experience with numerous US States and destinations within America. On behalf of Travel & Culture Club in Omaha we look forward to meeting you soon!